Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning has to be my favorite time of the weekend. Usually I am up around 5:30 am (that's sleeping in from my 3:00 am work week wake up time !).
Coffee is the first thing I head for, especially since I am a coffee addict and if I don't indulge, I will pay the wonderful price of the dreaded caffeine withdrawl headache.
Then, coffee in hand, I head for the computer for my search of Etsy greatness.
I absolutely love perusing through the TimeMachine of the newest items posted.
I am constantly looking for things that are a little odd, a little bit different. My favorites list is growing into a wonderful catalog of the strange and unusual. So many things that I find inspiring. Things that simply make me happy just by looking at them.

Here are some of the great things I recently found and added to my favorites list:

I love this night lite!
This is Man vs Cricket, made by mixedspecies.
4 guys from Oregon that make some great stuff.
Check them out at
They offer items including ties, cards and some really great drink coasters!

How great are these super cool belt buckles made by MaxineDear. They offer : buckles, wallets and "etcetera"..definitely take a

I adore this wrist cuff ! Found at along with other wonderful items in her shop including great paintings of Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera and Dracula. Unexpected, since this caught my eye with its natured, earthy look. This shop is a truly great find.

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